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  • 4 years of Appian development experience, 12 years of professional software development experience

  • Experience with certification exams

  • Experience working with competing low code platforms

  • Experience training employees to develop in Appian

  • Experience advising if Appian is a good fit for the company


Help you implement something in Appian, or implement it on your behalf

      • This can be a proof of concept to investigate Appian, or a full application

      • It can be over screenshare

Help you earn Appian Certifications

Train you in Appian development

Cost and professional policy

  • $155 / Hour

  • You pay for a certain amount of hours and schedule me

      • Any unused hours are refunded to you

      • Various payment methods accepted on the payment portal including most debit and credit cards

      • Payment is securely hosted by PayPal, where your sensitive information is not exposed, and I take your privacy seriously

      • You will receive an invoice for your payment

      • This will be structured through my LLC, of which I am owner and an employee of

  • I agree to sign most types of Non Disclosure Agreements

      • I understand the nature of your work may be sensitive and will protect your privacy and business ideas

  • My mission is to be a successful consultant and consultancy owner and provide my time and experience to you for your use


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